Detroit’s leaders in force-free, science-based training

Bringing only the highest quality training and education available to the dogs, clients, and communities we serve and love.

Our Promise

We promise to not only help you get results but to help you better understand and connect with your dog in a way that builds mutual trust, cooperation, and motivation in you and your dog. No more frustration, no more confusion, no more worry. We’re here to set you and your dog up for success.



We’ll help you learn to understand what your dog is saying so you can  communicate effectively to reduce any frustration or communication barriers.




Regardless of what your goals are, we’ll help you train in a way that motivates your dog to offer the behaviors you want to see more of and decrease the ones you don’t.


 We’ll always stay up-to-date with the current research so you can trust that the information you’re receiving is evidence-informed and backed by science.

About Us

We are a team of Certified Professional Dog Trainers who are passionate about dogs and the people who love them.

We’re a 100% force-free company, which means that we will never use fear or pain to achieve results.

We believe in science, which supports the use of positive reinforcement. Because of this, training with us is effective, safe, and a lot of fun.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality training and education to the dogs, clients, and communities we love and serve.

Our Vision

To give dogs and their people the tools to work together to prevent and solve their behavior or training challenges.


Our services are specifically designed to help you reach your behavior and training goals as effectively, safely and gently as possible. No matter what your goals, we’re here to help get you there.

Puppy Training

From helping you navigate everything from socialization with people and other dogs to perfecting those out-and-about manners, we’re all about making learning and bonding with your new puppy simple, fun, and frustration-free.

Group Training

A great way for your dog to learn and socialize in a group setting, our group class trajectories are designed to help dogs of all ages gain critical life skills as they master everything from socialization to out-and-about manners

Private Training

With private training, you and your dog can work 1:1 with one of our qualified trainers in sessions that are designed to work specifically on your dog’s individual training goals.

Boarding and Board & Train

Send your dog on their own vacation to our 17-acre enrichment-filled, low-stress, and force-free boarding facility and know your dog is in expert hands while you’re away.

Rent Our Space

Come enjoy some off-leash, enrichment-filled playtime with your dog in our indoor training room in Ferndale. You’ll have our spaces all to yourself while you run, play, explore, and train with your dog.

Training Programs

Perfect Puppy Program

One full year of training for to set your new puppy up for success.

New Rescue Dog Support

Welcome home your new rescue with confidence and peace of mind

Reactivity Training

For dogs who bark, growl, or lunge on leash towards people or other dogs


What Our Clients Say

Laura and Riley

There are no other words to describe K9 Turbo other than AMAZING. Their compassion, love for animals, and interest in every animal's well-being is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. At one point when I was in an unfortunate life crisis, they single handedly put together a group of people in less than 24 hours that literally saved my dog's life. They gave me hope when I had none left and today my baby is happy and healthy again, all because of K9TT. K9 Turbo is the true definition of what human beings and animal advocates should be and I wouldn't think of using anyone else for my dogs.


Debbie and Gino

We adopted a reactive dog with separation anxiety in June 2015. K9 Turbo Training was a life saver as we had never before had a dog with these kinds of issues. From one-on-one training to a tricks class to a group reactive class to recommending a wonderful vet, our Gino is now a very happy, healthy dog thanks to K9 Turbo. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Every trainer has been knowledgeable and professional and they went beyond my expectations. Thanks to Katelin and her entire crew.

Madelyn and Lemmy

I cannot recommend K9TT enough. The trainers are excellent and genuinely care about each dog they teach. They are able to adapt to individual skill levels and empower dog owners. I especially love how non-judgmental, understanding and compassionate they are. And that's just the trainers! The staff behind the scenes are wonderful too-- so responsive to emails and always friendly. We love K9TT and will continue to support and utilize them whenever we can.


Lisa, Nick, and Cooper

I don’t know where we’d be without K9 Turbo Training. There are people in our life that would advise us to put Cooper down for his fear aggression, but they have really validated our love for and belief in Cooper. Our trainer has given us the tools, direction and confidence to help Cooper navigate his world. She responds to all of our questions with compassion, support, an unbelievable level of knowledge and creative problem solving. Our in-home training sessions are jam-packed with hands-on learning and invaluable advice. With their help I am confident we are taking the right steps to improve Cooper’s quality of life and I can’t imagine working with any other trainer.


Theresa and Clementine

The specialized boarding services offered by K9TT are spectacular.  My dog would not be successful in conventional boarding, and therefore having a PERFECT environment at the farm where all of her needs are met means everything.  Francisco is so dedicated and gave my dog exactly what she needed for a safe & happy stay.  It's the only place I trust to care for her.


Patricia with Jasper

Amazing place to board your dog or learn how to train more effectively and humanely! My high energy dog LOVES the attention, exercise, and space he gets while boarding at the farm! I love knowing he's cared for in a place with the expertise to manage his individual issues and needs. The compassionate and knowledgeable staff at K9 have been amazing at helping him (and me) safely work through his issues being fearful of new people and reactive toward other dogs.

Evie Fredenburg - Greenfield Animal Hospital, Practice Manager

Having been in the veterinary field for over 18 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many trainers. I have never felt as confident and as impressed as I feel about K9 Turbo. They have revolutionized dog training and changed the way we look at behavior in our pets. They have prompted a shift in our approach to training by emphasizing  science based, positive training methods. They have taught us to read and interpret the body language of our patients which helps us to better understand their needs. It is fascinating to watch these trainers do their work!

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