Barking out Windows: A Cheap and Easy Solution

Gazing out of windows can be great for all kinds of things; you can watch the snow falling, the sun rising, and your kids playing in the yard. Our pups might be fixated on staring out windows for another reason, though, and one that is a little less pleasant.

Often, when we see dogs staring out windows constantly, it’s because they’re anticipating something negative – a person approaching their house, a dog walking by, or a variety of other triggers that your dog finds scary. Even if those things don’t seem scary to us (or if our dog’s don’t seem bothered by them when there is not a barrier like a window between them), our dogs may feel that they are in danger and bark in hopes of the scary thing going away.

Window film is easily one of our favorite recommendations of all time for dogs who react out of windows. Applying window film can be a great way to alleviate some of that stress or overstimulation your dog is experiencing while still leaving your room nice and bright.

You can purchase window film at your local hardware store or online. It’s easy to apply and leaves no residue when removed, so you won’t damage your windows in the process.

Author: KJ Johnson



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