Boarding and Board and Train

Our 17-acre, enrichment-filled farm provides dogs with a safe, force-free oasis where they can play, explore, and learn in a real-life, low-stress environment that feels just like home.

Board & Train

With their own dedicated trainer, board and train gives you a more intensive training option where your dog can build their training skills while having a blast boarding on our 17-acre farm. With hands-on training sessions and loads of enrichment each day, your dog will have the optimal learning environment to thrive as they work to meet their training goals using methods that are both humane and effective.

*For Puppies, see below*

Price Varies


The farm is designed to provide dogs with a true vacation while their people are away. With real life rooms; multiple 1:1 trainer/handler accompanied off-leash hikes across the 17-acre fenced property each day; fear-free handling; and daily enrichment activities, we’re all about quality over quantity.


Puppy Board & Train

Taking place in our Ferndale training facility, puppies learn all of their basic foundation cues, such as sit, down, stay, leave it, touch, waiting patiently, leash manners, and coming when called. Along with working 1:1 with their trainer each day, puppies attend puppy social and group classes while they’re here so they can take advantage of that critical socialization window while learning to train and remain calm around people, other dogs, and while in distracting environments. This program helps set a solid training foundation that puts puppies on the path to lifelong success.

*For puppies 8 weeks- 6 months. Takes place in our Ferndale facility.


We're here to help you achieve your training goals