Daycare: Managing large groups of dogs

It’s very important in a large group of dogs that everyone learns to cooperate and work together to navigate exciting situations. This helps prevent aggression, frustration, and encourages cooperation among the group. One way to accomplish this is through teaching the dogs roll call when entering or exiting exciting areas.

Because Canine to Five Detroit is committed to the behavioral wellbeing of their dogs we regularly do consulting at both the Detroit and Ferndale locations. They are currently working on teaching dogs to wait for their name before entering or exiting an area (in this case, going outside to play). This helps control arousal and helps dogs move through the building using a force-free, hands-off method. Here, we’re using roll call to tell everyone which dog is next. The handler says the dog’s name loudly to not only indicate which dogs turn it is but to also let the other dogs know they should wait back as it not their turn just yet.

Check it out and see how you might be able to apply this at your doggie daycare.

And a huge high-five to this daycare for always going absolutely above and beyond for their dogs. This is quite the accomplishment and takes a lot of consistent hard work to maintain. Proud of you, friends. Really proud of you.

Author: Katelin Thomas, ACDBC, CPDT-KA



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