Enrichment Club

Busy Buddies Enrichment Club

Our Enrichment Club offer your dog new outlets for entertainment and exercise. Learn new ways to keep your dog tired and happy. Drop-in or new memberships are available.

A black dog enjoying activities at an Enrichment Club.

Busy Buddies Enrichment Club

If your dog needs some new outlets for entertainment and exercise, this is the class for you! Break out of your routine and learn some new ways to keep your dog tired and happy. In this class we practice moving over physical obstacles, searching for scent clues, building strength and balance, and solving cognitive puzzles.

Great for all ages and skills levels.

Busy Buddies Enrichment Club Subscription

This is a monthly membership for unlimited attendance to our Busy Buddies Enrichment Club! This membership bills monthly for $99 and grants dogs access to unlimited quantities of our Busy Buddies Enrichment Club.

This is for dogs who are comfortable around other dogs and are ready to have a great time in ongoing, unlimited fun play sessions in our enrichment club! Membership will bill monthly and can be cancelled any time, without penalty.

If your dog barks at other dogs, see our reactive-friendly version of enrichment club.

Enrichment Club Membership - Hank
New - Reactive Enrichment Club

Reactive Enrichment Club

Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs or people? Reactive Enrichment Club is all about giving reactive dogs a place to explore, be creative, and have FUN! This class will help your reactive dog build confidence, resilience, and practice healthy behaviors. Find out if Reactive Enrichment Club is the right place for your dog. 

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