Foundations & Basic Manners

There are certain behaviors that form the building blocks for a well-mannered dog who is a joy to be around: Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It and Come When Called. This is where your training journey begins!

Puppy Manners

This in-person class is designed to help you teach your puppy basic skills, address common puppy behaviors, and socialize your puppy, all while adhering to safety and social distancing protocol. You’ll practice behaviors like “down”, “stay”, and walking on a loose leash, and discuss topics such as teething, crate training, potty training, and promoting appropriate social behavior.

Class is for dogs up to 6 months old.

$249/6-session class

Teen Manners

Learning how to successfully navigate adolescence is the key to setting dogs up for success as adults. In this class your dog will learn all of those foundation skills, cues, and behaviors in a fun and safe environment. We’ll teach you how to harness that teenage energy, train around distractions, and use fun games that both build those training skills and keep your adolescent pup busy!

Class is for dogs 6 – 14 months old.

$249/6-session class

Adult Manners

This class covers all of the critical foundation behaviors like down, stay, coming when called, and loose leash walking while teaching you how to get those behaviors in more distracting environments. We’ll practice remaining calm and polite around dogs and people, and play fun training games that build self control and confidence. Great for dogs new to training or dogs who know the basics but struggle to use them in the real world.

Class is for dogs 14 months old and up.

$249/6-session class

How can we help you reach your training goals?

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