Group Classes

Whether you’re looking for a place to work on the basics, you want to certify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen, or just want to have some fun with your dog, we have a class for you!

Adult Dog Manners Classes

*Dogs enrolling in group services should be comfortable around other dogs. If your dog barks at other dogs on leash or in tight spaces, start with our reactive series.


Person with her adult dog

Basic Manners

*For dogs 6 months and older.

$249/6 weeks

This is the starting point for any dog joining our manners program. This class covers all of the critical foundation behaviors like down, stay, coming when called, and loose leash walking, and remaining calm around dogs and people. Great for dogs new to training or dogs who need a refresher.

A dog attending a group class taking a treat.

Intermediate Manners

*Pre-req Basic Manners or equivalent

$249/6 weeks

This is level 2 of our manners training program and is a fun-filled class that takes your dog’s training to the next level. Hone your dog’s loose leash walking skills, teach your dog how to appropriately request the things they want, and solidify your dog’s self-control around the things they cannot have.

Advanced Manners

Advanced Manners

*Pre-req Intermediate Manners or equivalent

$249/6 weeks

This is level 3 of our adult manners training program and is for dogs who have completed Intermediate Manners or equivalent. Class focuses on taking all training to the next level, with the ability to remain focused, controlled, and comfortable in more distracting environments.

Greyhound manners training

Greyhound Manners

All levels welcome

$249/6 weeks

For a retired racing greyhound, the transition from race dog to family dog can be confusing. This class will help you teach your dog about the new world around them, in a way that makes sense. The skills covered in class include: attention, leave it, come, sit, down and stay. You will also have the opportunity to meet other greyhound owners and share tips and stories with them.


  • Fri, May 24 @ 8pm
Canine Good Citizen certification

Canine Good Citizen

*Pre-req: Intermediate Manners +

$199/4 weeks

This advanced-level class will prepare you and your dog to take the Canine Good Citizen test, by focusing on skills such as waiting calmly at your side, working around distractions, and politely interacting with new people.


  • Fri, April 26th @ 8pm

Puppy Classes

Puppies playing outside

Puppy Pre-k

*Must be between 8-16 weeks at start of class.

$199/4 weeks

This class is for puppies 4 months and under and helps you take advantage of those critical periods for socialization. Class covers socialization with other puppies, people, handling for vetting, loving new sounds, sights, and novel objects. This is a must for any puppy still within this very important and impactful time.

Image of a puppy sitting patiently

Puppy Manners

*For 4-6 months old. For 6 months+, see Basic Manners.

$249/6 weeks

This 6-week class covers those critical foundation behaviors, such as sit, down, wait, and coming when called. In this class, your puppy will get to learn, grow, and build their training skills in a fun environment, all while building a strong, trusting relationship with you along the way




Confident Canine

$199/4 weeks

This class uses fun games and exercises that will help your nervous dog gain confidence and overcome their fears. In this class, you will learn how you can change your dog's emotional responses towards scary things and will give you the tools to prevent future fears from developing in the first place.


Game On! Group class image

Intro to Dog Sports

$199/4 weeks

Not sure which sport your dog would love? Want to try them all and find your passion, or just give your dog a great way to learn, have fun, and play some canine sport games? You will have a blast learning how to challenge your dog's mind and body with new, creative forms of enrichment and fun, recess-style games. Tricks, nosework, exercise - this class has it all.


  • Sat, April 27th @ 12:30pm
Ferndale Field Trip

Ferndale Field Trips

$199/4 weeks

This advanced level class is for dogs who already have the basics down and are looking to apply their training skills for use in public spaces, such as pet stores or while resting on patios. Meeting at a different outdoor location each week, we’ll cruise around Ferndale, guiding you through a series of fun and engaging exercises designed to build focus, confidence, and calmness in public spaces. Dogs *must* be non-reactive in public for this class.


  • Starts April 27th @ 3:30pm

Workshops & Drop-Ins

Dog at a drop in class with trainer

Skill-Building Drop-in Classes


Focus on a specific skill or behavior in a drop-in classes. Great for newbies as well as those wanting to proof or practice their current skills in more distracting environments.

Loose Leash Walking: Perfect your dog’s loose leash walking skills, for comfortable, relaxed walks with your dog.

Four on the Floor: Build self control and practice remaining calm and not jumping when excited, for calmer, more controlled greetings and interactions. .

Rapid Recall: Increase motivation and reliability for coming when called, for rapid, enthusiastic check-ins and recalls when on or off leash.

A good dog in training class.

Training Essentials

Drop-in class/$35

If you ever feel awkward or clumsy while working with your dog, join us for Training Essentials! You and your dog will learn how to work as a team to achieve your training goals. We’ll teach you how to get the most important training mechanics right, so you can maximize the quality and efficiency of your training. These require no previous training, but are great to do in combination with any group class.

Australian shepherd on mat

Go to Mat Stationing Drop-in Workshop

Drop-in class/$35

Have you seen dogs who can hang out calmly on a bed or mat while activity caries on around them? This skill can be a game changer during the busy holiday season! Join us to teach your dog how to "station" on a bed or mat, and ignore distractions in the environment. This class is great for beginners who have no idea where to start, and for dogs who have practiced this behavior, but could use a refresher or new distractions. All experience levels welcome.

White fluffy dog in a pool with balls.

Busy Buddies: Enrichment Club

Drop-in/$35, Monthly: $99

If your dog needs some new outlets for entertainment and exercise, this is the class for you! Break out of your routine and learn some new ways to keep your dog tired and happy. In this class we practice moving over physical obstacles, searching for scent clues, building strength and balance, and solving cognitive puzzles. We'll build your dog's confidence as they take on new challenges, and help you keep your dog engaged.

All dogs welcome. No experience necessary!


  • Every Saturday @ 9am
  • Alternating weekday/Sundays
Group walks - people with their dogs walking through a trail.

Group Adventure Walks


What better way for you both to destress than by spending time in the great outdoors with your dog on a group Sniffarri walk! Spend time together exploring new sights and smells, letting Mother Nature provide the enrichment as our dogs have a blast learning, growing, socializing, and training in the great outdoors. 

*Meets at Red Oaks in Madison Heights.

All dogs welcome, including reactive dogs. No experience necessary!


  • More coming soon!

Reactivity Classes

If your dog barks, growls, lunges, or presents other reactive behaviors at the sight of other dogs or people, we’ve designed a program that includes several online and in-person classes that will give you and your dog the tools to manage and modify these behaviors in a safe, controlled, supportive environment. Our program begins with an in-depth online course followed by a series of in-person reactive class options.

Group Training FAQs

How long are classes?

Most group classes are 45 minutes long, which we find to be the perfect amount of time for most dogs to train.

How many weeks is each class?

Core group classes (Basics, Puppy or Receive series) run for six weeks, with elective classes (Confidence Canine, Agility, etc.) running for 4. While these classes are mostly consecutive, meeting one time per week, certain dates may be skipped for holidays. Class dates will always be clearly stated before class begins.

We also have drop-in classes, lectures, events, and workshops, which you are welcome to sign up for individually, based on your availability.

What if I can’t make it to every class?

No problem. We know all about hectic schedules and are very flexible when it comes to missed classes. After class, you will receive an email that includes a copy of what you missed as well as a free voucher to attend a drop-in class to build class skills, such as loose leash walking, coming when called, or self control.

What vaccines are required for class?

We require all dogs be UTD on age-appropriate vaccines, including rabies and distemper, to train in group services. If you have a special situation or note from your veterinarian, we are happy to work with families with dogs with special needs or considerations, on an as-needed basis.

Do puppies need to be fully vaccinated to attend puppy class?

They do not. We follow the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior’s recommendation on vaccines and puppy socialization. For more information, you can read this article, which outlines important things to consider for socialization when working to create a behaviorally and emotionally healthy dog.

How many dogs are in each class?

In all areas, we prioritize quality over quantity, which is why we keep our group class sizes about half of what most other facilities. We have a maximum of 6 dogs per class for classes that are held in our 2,400sq foot training space, and 4 dogs per class that are held in our 1,300 sq foot training space. This helps ensure each dog receives the most individual attention possible.

How are group class sessions structured?

In group class sessions, your trainer will introduce multiple behaviors for you to train hands-on with your dog, briefly discuss educational topics, and offer opportunities for questions. The majority of your time is spent actively working with your dog.

What if I have more than one dog?

To set you and your dog up for success, we do limit one dog per handler. If another member of your family would like to act as handler for an additional dog, please register for a second spot.

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

We do not require that dogs be altered in order to train with us. We do, however, require that all class participants are up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations, including rabies and distemper.

How do I contact my trainer outside of class?

While in class, you have unlimited office hour calls available with your trainer to ask questions in between or before your classes. You will also have access to our client community Facebook group, where you will be able to ask questions or get support from others who have or are training with us.

Your trainer may also recommend private sessions for some issues based on complexity and severity, as well as your individual goals.

I plan to take multiple manners classes. Can I get a discount?

If you’re planning on taking both Basic and Intermediate Manners, you can save $48 by purchasing them as a package. We recommend enrolling in the classes consecutively, but you may save your package credit and enroll in Intermediate Manners after a break, if your schedule prevents you from committing to 12 weeks of class.

My dog barks at other dogs, what class should I take?

If your dog barks or lunges at other dogs on leash or in public, start with Reactive Foundations Online, followed by Reactive Level 1 in-person before taking one of our non-reactive group classes. Whether your dog has a history of aggressive behavior or they just become overly excited when they see other dogs, these classes will help give you and your dog the tools to manage these behaviors before you attempt to join a group class where dogs will be focused on building other skills.

Dogs in group class

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