Our Guiding Principles

At K9 Turbo, our values create the framework for everything we do. We are committed to using methods that are humane, ethical, and based in science as we work to achieve lasting behavior change in the lives of every animal we work with. With that, every member of our team lives and breathes by the following guiding principles.

Respect, kindness, and compassion for all

We love working with animals, but we really love working with their humans, too. Our trainers build a respectful, collaborative relationship with both you and your dog so that the training environment is supportive, engaging, and fun for everyone.

We foster an environment of compassion and kindness for animals and humans alike. As a result, we have happy, voluntary participants who experience less stress in the training environment and are more consistent and reliable long term.

Training sessions that educate and empower

Our trainers are certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and/or the Karen Pryor Academy and receive extensive continuing education courses on a quarterly basis.

We believe that sharing that knowledge with you is one of the most important parts of our jobs. We are prepared to offer information that will increase cooperation between you and your dog, thus strengthening and enhancing your lifelong relationship.

Evidence-informed training that is fun and effective

Like humans, dogs learn better when they are not under stress. Our training methods are not just about getting results, but about creating relationships that increase trust, choice, and motivation. We strive to motivate animals to offer the behaviors we want to see more of, therefore decreasing the ones we don’t. This delivers more reliable results with less side effects than methods that may cause pain or fear.

Because of this, we will never use tools such as shock collars, prong collars, choke chains, leash corrections, or anything that might otherwise elicit a fearful response in an animal.

Community collaboration

K9 Turbo Training is grateful to be a member of the Southeast Michigan dog training community. We work to partner with and collaborate with animal lovers, trainers, and advocates throughout the country. In order to best serve animals and their families, we work to build collaborative relationships with supportive and humane businesses and organizations.

Family-based approach

We work with the whole family to achieve the most amount of change. Our trainers take their time to understand your animal’s history, your family dynamics, and your goals and hopes for training. We work to understand your dog’s background and environment so that we can treat the underlying causes of his or her behavior.

Professionalism and integrity in every session

Our trainers are committed to providing you with training sessions that are structured, educational, and include hands-on techniques for you to use at home. We honor and respect your right to make decisions for your animal, and are committed to explaining training techniques in a professional, collaborative, non-judgmental way.

Inclusive training environments

We strive to deliver information in a kind, simple, and accessible manner. We welcome all to train with us, regardless of current training techniques, knowledge base, or socioeconomic status. Whether it’s bringing in a translator to eliminate any language barriers or offering free training for someone in financial need, we are committed to making quality training and behavior support accessible to all.

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