Welcoming Home Your New Rescue Dog

Congratulations on your recent adoption! Whether this is your first dog or you’ve adopted before, getting started right away with training will help set you, your family, and your new best friend up for success from the start!

Looking to set your new dog up for success? 

We’ve got you covered.

Because we know just how critical those first few weeks and months can be, we’ve created loads of options that are built helping new rescue dogs and their families have everything they need for a smooth and happy transition. Welcome to the family and thank you for choosing to adopt!

Training Options 

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to learn, bond, and connect with your new dog. Even for dogs with some foundational knowledge, learning and practicing together is a great way to improve your communication, connection, and your training skills as a team. So come train and have fun as you learn all about how to work with your new dog!

Private Training

Private training allows you to work more intimately with a trainer who can tailor training to meet the needs of your specific dog. This is great for those looking to better understand, prevent, or work through any behavior concerns  or for those just hoping to get a head start with their new dog.

Free Resources

Check out our free New Dog resource

Just adopted or about to bring home a new dog? We’ve created a quick resource guide so you can have some simple and easy tricks to help your dog integrate seamlessly. Have questions? Reach out. We’re happy to help.


We're here to help you achieve your training goals