Perfect Puppy Program

Helping you navigate everything from potty training and puppy mouthing to socialization with people and other dogs, we’re here to make training and bonding with your new puppy fun, easy, and frustration-free. 

Looking for the full package? We’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive puppy package includes one full year of training for your new puppy. With the perfect combination of group classes, private lessons, and training gear, you’ll have everything you need to get your puppy on the path to a lifetime of success.

A la Carte training options 

Puppy Manners

This 6-week class covers everything from socialization and confidence building to those critical foundation behaviors, such as sit, down, wait, and coming when called. In this class, your puppy will get to learn, grow, and socialize in fun environment, all while having a blast building a strong, trusting relationship with you along the way. 

*For puppies 6 months and under.

$249/6-week class

Puppy Socialization Drop-ins

Properly and positively socializing your puppy while they are young is one of the best ways to prevent behavior issues and help them develop into happy, well-adjusted adults down the road. In these 30-minute drop-ins, your puppy will get to socialize, play, and learn how to remain calm around other dogs and people. These require no previous training, but are great to do in combination with puppy class.

*For puppies 6 months and under.

$25/per drop-in

Puppy Training Essentials Drop-in

In these 30-minute drop-ins, you and your puppy will learn how to work as a team to achieve your training goals. We’ll teach you the essential training mechanics so you can maximize the quality and efficiency of your training from the day you start working with your new puppy. No previous training required, but great to do in combination with puppy class.

*For puppies 6 months and younger

*Free for Burrwood clients- use code provided by Burrwood

Teen Manners

In Teen Manners, your dog will learn and build on all of those foundation skills, cues, and behaviors using fun games that continue to build their skills and keep their growing adolescent brains and bodies happy and busy. We’ll help you harness and take advantage of that teenage energy so you can be successful in more distracting environments and slide into adulthood with confidence and ease.

*For puppies 6 - 14 months.

$249/6-week class

Private Puppy Training

Private training is a great option for people looking to get more focused training in 1:1 sessions with a Certified Trainer. We’ll help your puppy learn new skills as you work to prevent behavior problems so you can navigate all of those puppy stages and challenges with confidence and ease.

*For puppies of any age


We're here to help you achieve your training goals