Private Training

Whether you want to fine tune the basics or work through more complex behavior concerns, private training allows you to work directly with a trainer who specializes in the area and is fully dedicated to helping your individual dog achieve their training goals.

Private Training

Private training allows you to work one-on-one with a trainer in sessions that are designed specifically to meet your dog’s individual training needs and goals. Providing you with hands-on, customized training, private session ensure you and your dog learn in the most focused and efficient way possible.

Private training includes:

  • Initial Intake Appointment
  • Customized behavior and training plan
  • Weekly or bi-weekly training sessions
  • Weekly open hour appointments for troubleshooting
  • 6 months of free office hour appointment support
  • Lifelong behavior support
*Currently booking evening and weekend training sessions 4-6 weeks out. For emergencies or urgent matters, book Crisis Management Appt below*

Steps to Private Training

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Step 1

Initial Intake Evaluation: $250 with $100 credited towards your program, upon enrollment 

In this 60 to 90-minute appointment, you will meet virtually with an Intake Evaluator who will take an in-depth history, review any areas of concern, firm up your training goals, outline your training pathway, and prepare your training file for your trainer. You’ll also receive a written management plan to help address any immediate concerns and homework to prepare you for your first session.

Step 2

Enroll in your training program-

After your intake call, you will have an opportunity to purchase/opt into your training program, receiving a $100 credit towards your program, if enrolling within 2 weeks of your call. Upon enrollment, your Intake Evaluator will transfer your case to your dog’s trainer, who will review your dog’s file and prepare for your first session together.  

Step 3

Start training 1:1 with your trainer!  

In your private sessions, your trainer will walk you step-by-step through your dog’s training plan, providing full support as you achieve your dog’s training goals. You’ll also have unlimited office hour appointment calls to troubleshoot, should any questions or issues come up in between sessions, and ongoing support after your training program.

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Private Training FAQs

How do I get started with private training?

All private training starts with an Initial Intake Evaluation appointment, where you will meet 1:1 with an Intake Evaluator who will review your dog’s history, discuss your training goals, match you into a program, and get you a plan that will prepare you to start private training with your trainer.

How long are training sessions?

Private training sessions are one hour long, with exceptions for private agility or add-on sessions for clients already enrolled in group classes, which are a total of 45 minutes.

What is your pricing structure for private training?

Though each program does include a set number of training sessions, our programs are comprehensive, full-support programs that include more than just hourly training sessions. Because of this, we charge per program, not for each minute spent with a trainer. With this model, you receive far beyond what you would get in an hour-by-hour package model, which allows you to feel confident and stay on track as you work through your dog’s training plan.

What support will I receive throughout and after training?

While enrolled in your program, you will meet in private sessions with your trainer. During this time, you will have unlimited access to open hours where you can schedule unlimited troubleshooting 1:1 calls so you can ask questions or work through any challenges between sessions. You will also have free access to our community support group and will walk away with free access to open office hour Zoom or phone call appointments for 6 months to ensure you stay on the track or are able to work through any kinks that may arise.

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Private Crisis Management Appointment

Feeling overwhelmed by your dog’s behavior? Not sure what to do or where to go? Not sure if you need training, emotional support, or just to better understand what’s going on with your dog and how worried you should be?

This appointment allows you to meet with a certified behavior consultant without needing to wait for or invest in a full training plan or program. In this appt, we will dive deep into your situation with your dog as we help you identify or understand behavioral concerns, level of risk, prognosis, and/or pathway options for your dog, family, and/or situation. With an objective, clear view of your dog’s issues and level of risk, we will help you map out realistic options and/or design a clear path forward for you and your dog based on your current situation and needs. Includes a pathway recommendation, management, and/or safety plan as well as additional resources to support you and your dog.

Great for discussing: aggression, reactivity, fear, recent bites/incidents, rehoming, pathway plans for dogs with complicated histories, and/or behavioral euthanasia.

*All are welcome to sign up immediately. You do not need an Intake Evaluation for this appointment.

$175/90 minutes

New Rescue Dog Private Training Consultation

Alongside discussing a plan to help your new dog integrate fully and successfully into your new home, we will help you address any specific behavioral issues that may have come up bringing your new dog home, such as potty training, reactivity, separation anxiety, fearfulness, aggression, or issues with other animals in the home. We'll also cover body language, training, management, enrichment, and any other goals you may have, setting you all up for a lifetime of success together! 

$125/90 minutes

Private Training - Virtual

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