Private Training

Whether you want to fine tune the basics or work through more complex behavior concerns, private training allows you to work directly with a trainer who specializes in the area and is fully dedicated to helping your individual dog achieve their training goals.

Private Training

Private training allows you to work one-on-one with a trainer in sessions that are designed specifically to meet your dog’s individual training needs and goals. Providing you with hands-on, customized training, private session ensure you and your dog learn in the most focused and efficient way possible.

All Private Training Includes:

A 90-minute private training consultation

Follow-up training session(s)

A customized behavior and training plan

Supplemental resources

Lifelong behavior support

Discounts for multi-session packages

Types of Private Training


Train with us at our facility in Ferndale –

Our most recommended and the ideal option for most dogs. In-facility training allows you and your dog to learn in a fun, controlled, real-world environment where we can make adding difficulty and distraction in real-time a breeze. With access to endless training set-ups and the ability to carefully manage the environment, your dog can be prepped for success both in and out of the training space.

Consult + follow-up: $290
Ongoing sessions: $125



Meet with your trainer via Zoom–

Keeping all the benefits of private training, online training is an effective, budget-friendly, and incredibly easy to navigate option. Great for working on manners, addressing behavior concerns, or starting off dogs who are fearful or reactive. Online training maximizes training time by allowing dogs and their people to perfect their training skills without worrying about distractions or stressors.

Consult + follow-up: $225
Ongoing sessions: $99


Have us come right to your home–

In-home training is a great option for busy families looking for highly customized training and support in their homes. With in-home, you can work on everything from puppy basics and door manners to more serious behavior concerns, such as conflict between pets.
*Available within 15 miles of Ferndale, MI or at any location within the service area. Contact us for outside of range options or emergency situations.

Consult + follow-up: $480
Ongoing sessions: $190

Training Packages

Once you purchase your package, we’ll contact you to match you with the trainer who specializes in the area and will get you scheduled for your first session. And no worries, if you and your trainer decide at any point that switching to a different type of service than the one you signed up for (in-facility, online, in-home, or group training), may be a better option for you and your dog, you’ll be able to modify your package at any time. 

You will also have the option to continue with individual training sessions or purchase an additional package once your consultation package is complete. Have questions? Contact us! We’re happy to help you decide which option might be best for you and your dog. 

Private Training FAQ’s

Package Recommendations

The amount of sessions you should purchase varies based on how far you’d like to take your dog in training and how much time you have to practice. The more sessions we have to work with, the further we can take you, but no matter which package you choose, we’ll make the most out of every session we have together.  You will also always have the option to add additional sessions later.

Package of 5: 

Ideal for building important training foundations, preventing behavior issues, or beginning to address mild behavior concerns in dogs of all ages.

Package of 10: 

Ideal for building intermediate skills, addressing moderate behavior concerns or working on multiple areas of concern, in dogs of all ages.

Package of 15: 

Ideal for dogs working through severe behavior concerns, dogs with complex bite histories, or developing the most advanced out-and-about training skills and behaviors.

Consult + 1: 

Not sure if you want to purchase a full package? You can begin with the Consult and follow-up session to get a feel for what training with us is like. You’ll still be able to continue with individual sessions or jump into a package after that. 

Private training consultation

All training starts with a 90-minute training consultation where your trainer will get to know you, your dog, your training goals, and get you started with hands-on training. During this consultation, your trainer will:


  • Take an in-depth history
  • Identify the root cause of your dog’s behavior
  • Help you better understand your dog and their behavior
  • Work with you to create a plan that addresses your dog’s individual needs and goals
  • Begin hands-on training, focusing on key foundation behaviors that will lay the groundwork for success in training and begin to address your primary goals
  • Clearly outline your dog’s training roadmap so you have a solid understanding of where your dog is, where they’re going, and what steps you’ll take to progress and stay on track as you work together in training
  • Finally, we’ll email you your customized training and behavior plan after your session, which will include a recap of what you worked on, your written homework to track progress, and your training roadmap and plan so you can review at any time.
Ongoing training sessions

Ongoing training sessions provide you with hands-on, individualized support as you work through your training plan. In these sessions, we’ll continue to build on and skyrocket your training skills, make sure you and your dog stay on track, and will help you stay ahead of or prevent any potential challenges.

We're here to help you achieve your training goals