Puppy Socials

Proper socialization is about so much more than taking your dog to the dog park or pet store. In fact, these types of environments can be detrimental from both a medical and behavioral perspective if they aren’t properly managed and sanitized. At our puppy socials, you can rest assured that our experts are there to shape every interaction and implement best practices to prevent the spread of illnesses between puppies. 

Meet our Fantastic Team

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Why Early Socialization?

Critical Socialization Window

During this sensitive period, puppies develop opinions about everything they encounter. Ensuring that these associations are positive during this crucial window is the best way to prevent serious behavior issues like fear and aggression from developing into adulthood.

A Foundation for Good Manners

Puppies are also busy developing habits during the early weeks of their lives–habits that can become deeply engrained during this sensitive period. Our socials are about more than play; we also teach your dog how to be calm in exciting situations so that they can be part of your favorite acitivites for years to come.

A Supportive Environment

Let’s face it; puppies are a lot of work. At our socials, you’ll be surrounded by other puppy parents who are going through the same thing you are–the play biting, the potty accidents, the chewing, etc. And a little empathy goes a long way in coming up with the best solutions. 

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