Reactivity Training

Our reactivity training is specifically designed to address the underlying cause of reactivity, not just the symptoms. No more frustration, no more confusion, no more worry. We’re here to teach and support you through the whole process.

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Worried about your dog’s reactivity? We’ve got you covered.

We know behaviors, such as barking or lunging on a leash feels overwhelming and scary. In training, you’ll gain the tools to work through your dog’s reactivity in a positive, supportive environment with the experts by your side every step of the way.

Training Options

Reactive Foundations

If your dog growls, barks, or lunges at dogs or people on leash, this is your first step to a happier, more relaxed dog! This Reactive Foundations Online course includes all three of our live-instructed, online reactive modules: Understanding Reactivity; Management for Reactive Dogs; and Training Fundamentals. This 3-week class meets live weekly and will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what reactivity is, how it develops, how to manage/reduce it quickly, and will introduce you to the training techniques that will resolve the behavior long-term

*This is a pre-req for in-person reactive classes

$129/3 modules

  • Classes meet Wednesdays at 7pm
  • Or Sunday mornings @ 10am

Explore More, Bark Less: OUTDOOR Reactivity Class

This in-person reactivity class will give your dog an opportunity to learn and practice training around other dogs in a safe, controlled environment. In this class, you will focus on using your reactive foundation knowledge and skills to help your dog build and practice healthy behaviors around other dogs, like sniffing, engaging with you, and exploring their environment.

This class is held outdoors in LIVONIA. Dogs who are extremely stressed or are in need of a lot of space from other dogs or people should choose this option to start, then take INDOOR, once ready for extra difficulty. 

Pre-req: Online Foundations

$299/6 weeks 

Explore More, Bark Less: Fun & Focus INDOOR Reactivity class

This in-person reactivity class is also a level 1 reactivity class for dogs who have completed Online Foundations, but is held indoors, which is great for dogs with more mild reactivity, or those who are comfortable and able to train after after they settle into class. Class is still highly structured and semi-private, with 4 dogs and 2 trainer per our 2600 sq. foot training space. If your dog needs more space to start, begin with our OUTDOOR version of this class.

Pre-req: Online Foundations

$299/6 weeks

Reactive Enrichment Club

Finally, a place where your reactive dog can come and just be a dog! Reactive Enrichment Club is all about giving reactive dogs a place to explore, be creative, and have FUN! Your dog will have a blast moving over physical obstacles, searching for scent clues, building strength and balance, playing independent games, and solving cognitive puzzles, all while staying a safe and comfortable distance from other dogs.

Class is designed to be fun, safe, and low stress, with plenty of breaks and decompression options for dogs who need it. This class will help your reactive dog build confidence, resilience, and practice healthy behaviors around other dogs while they work their brains and bodies in this exciting, fun drop-in class. 

Orientation (optional):
Worried about how your dog will do or want to be super prepared? Come in for a FREE private orientation where you’ll meet 1:1 with a trainer who can introduce you to the space and walk you through each part of class so you’ll feel comfortable and confident coming in on the first day. (Orientation is $59 but comes with a free voucher for class).

Pre-req: Online Foundations

New - Reactive Enrichment Club

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