Reactivity Training

Our reactivity training is specifically designed to address the underlying cause of reactivity, not just the symptoms. No more frustration, no more confusion, no more worry. We’re here to teach and support you through the whole process.

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Worried about your dog’s reactivity? We’ve got you covered.

We know behaviors, such as barking or lunging on a leash feels overwhelming and scary. In training, you’ll gain the tools to work through your dog’s reactivity in a positive, supportive environment with the experts by your side every step of the way.

Training Options

Reactive Foundations

If your dog growls, barks, or lunges at dogs or people on leash, this class is for you! This Reactive Foundations Online course includes all three of our live-instructed, online reactive modules: Understanding Reactivity, Management for Reactive Dogs, and Training Fundamentals. This 3-part course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of what reactivity is, how it develops, how to manage/reduce it quickly, and how to train the key behaviors your dog will need to know prior to training in the real world.

*This is a pre-req for in-person reactive classes

$129/3 modules

Explore More, Bark Less: Level 1 in-person

This in-person reactivity class will give your dog an opportunity to learn and practice training around other dogs in a safe, controlled environment. In this class, you will focus on using your reactive foundation knowledge and skills to help your dog build and practice healthy behaviors around other dogs, like sniffing, engaging with you, and exploring their environment. Class is held in Livonia.

Pre-req: Online Foundations or trainer approval

$299/6 weeks 

Explore More, Bark Less: Level 2 in-person

This advanced reactivity class is for dogs who have completed Online Foundations as well as our Level 1 in-person class and will take your dog to the next level in their reactivity training. In this class, we’ll work on helping you comfortably and more freely move around other dogs and build all the skills you need for working in the real world. Class is held in Livonia.

Pre-req: In-person Level 1 or trainer approval

$269/6 weeks

Explore More, Bark Less: Fun and Games

Reactivity training doesn’t always have to be serious business. This fun games class is designed specifically to give you a chance to enjoy training in a group class setting that is designed specifically to be a comfortable, safe, supportive environment for dogs who struggle with reactivity. In this class, you’ll learn how creating fun experiences for your dog can be an integral part of reducing reactive behavior.

Pre-req: In-person class or trainer approval

$269/6 weeks

Private Crisis Management Appointment

Feeling overwhelmed by your dog’s behavior? Not sure what to do or where to go? Not sure if you need training, emotional support, or just to better understand what’s going on with your dog and how worried you should be?

This appointment allows you to meet with a certified behavior consultant without needing to wait for or invest in a full training plan or program. In this appt, we will dive deep into your situation with your dog as we help you identify or understand behavioral concerns, level of risk, prognosis, and/or pathway options for your dog, family, and/or situation. With an objective, clear view of your dog’s issues and level of risk, we will help you map out realistic options and/or design a clear path forward for you and your dog based on your current situation and needs. Includes a pathway recommendation, management, and/or safety plan as well as additional resources to support you and your dog. Great for discussing: aggression, reactivity, fear, recent bites/incidents, rehoming, pathway plans for dogs with complicated histories, and/or behavioral euthanasia. 

*All are welcome to sign up immediately. You do not need an Intake Evaluation for this appointment.

$175/90 minutes

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