Shelter & Rescue Education

The goal of our shelter and rescue education program is to ensure that all adoptable pets and their caretakers have access to the highest quality behavior and training resources and support. 

Shelter and rescue dogs are near and dear to our hearts.

At K9 Turbo, we believe it is our duty to support shelter and rescue efforts. We applaud those who spend countless hours caring for animals who are waiting for their forever homes.

We strive to empower caregivers with quality information about animal learning and behavior. We work with them to help the dogs in their care become more adoptable. 

We recognize the correlation between behavior challenges and pet surrender.

We strive to arm dog advocates with knowledge of how animals learn and what drives their behavior. Since behavioral issues are ranked among the top reasons for the relinquishment of pets to shelters, such knowledge can drastically improve outcomes on a variety of fronts. 

Our Approach

We believe it is our responsibility to support not only the animals in shelters and rescues, but also those who give their hearts and souls to these animals on a daily basis. 

Staff Support

Resources to educate and inspire caregivers that improve quality of life and prevent the need for future surrenders

Adopter Support

Low- and no-cost support for recent adopters that builds empathy, resolves behavior challenges and keeps dogs with their new families.

Animal Support

Programs to reduce stress and anxiety for dogs waiting for their forever homes by meeting their psychological and emotional needs. 

Offerings for our Shelter & Rescue Partners


Discounted Services

We offer discounts and special services to partnering rescues and shelters to benefit staff, volunteers,
fosters, and adopters.


Webinars and other presentations are coupled with hands-on workshops and trainings to put the theory into practice.

Monthly Subscriptions

A variety of levels of support to regularly provide 1:1 coaching, educational presentations and hands-on shelter training for staff and volunteers.

How can we help you reach your training goals?

We are Loved ♥️ by our Trusted Clients

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