Veterinary Programs

We have nothing but the utmost respect for veterinarians and their employees. We strive for partnerships that coalesce our behavior knowledge with their medical expertise to best serve our clients. 

We want our veterinary professionals to feel supported and appreciated. 

We know that you put your hearts and souls into caring for your client dogs. We recognize that you are likely stretched thin and feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. We acknowledge that you regularly field inquiries about complex behavior issues from your clients. 

And we are here to support you. 

We want to share our behavior expertise to empower you to best serve your clients. 

We live and breathe all things dog behavior and animal learning. And we recognize that you have bigger fish to fry–like relieving pain and saving lives. We boil down the complex information that we have spent countless years absorbing and impart it to you in the most efficient and effective ways possible. 

FREE Lunch & Learn Topics

Canine Body Language and Behavior - Foundations

Discusses intricacies of canine body language to help you better assess, understand, and communicate with the dogs both in and out of the office. Covers the behaviors dogs use to communicate intent, navigate social situations, prevent or defuse conflict, and/or warn other animals that an increase in aggressive behavior is likely. Being proficient in reading the most subtle of these shifts in communication is key in helping to predict and prevent escalation in fear and aggression, which dramatically reduces the risk a bite and keeps patients and clients happy and relaxed during their visits.

Anxiety & Fear

Covers why fear, anxiety, and phobias develop, who is at risk, and how we can best understand and work with fearful animals in the veterinary setting. Session will provide you with easy and potentially minor adjustments that you can make to reduce fear and anxiety and decrease the Likelihood of dogs feeling the need to display any kind of fear­based aggression. Covers both how you can reduce fear and anxiety reduction strategies in office as well as recommendations you can give clients to prepare for future lower stress visits.

Reactivity & Aggression

Covers how and why reactivity and aggression develop, how to prevent or reduce it in office, and easy recommendations you can give to clients who are struggling at home. Reviews strategies and approaches that you can use in office to help increase the comfort and safety of your patients, clients, and staff, and will help you provide the highest quality care to those often more sensitive and behaviorally challenging patients.

Training Foundations & Common Behavior Concerns

Discusses several of the most commonly seen behavior issues in dogs, why they develop, and what we do as trainers and handlers to address each type of behavior concern. Includes an in-depth look at learning theory, the science behind training, and pros and cons to different types of training that you might recommend as you help clients navigate working with their dogs at home.


In-depth look at how we use enrichment in both domestic and exotic animals to prevent, treat/decrease behavior problems and improve the quality of life of the animals we treat. Includes practical ways to use enrichment in office and recommendations to make to clients who are struggling with behavior issues, especially those related to lack of adequate mental and physical exercise.

Happy Puppies!

We often see that even the happiest of puppies can radiply develop some form of fear in veterinary settings as time goes on. These often preventable fears can result in those same puppies becoming anxious, reactive, or aggressive in their future visits. This session covers how to prevent these behavior issues in the first place so you can help set puppies up for success, keep your clients thrilled with their visits, and have some fun and easy ways to engage with your younger patients.

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