Victorious Vet Visits Program

Through cooperative care and consent training, we’ll help your dog build a positive association to things like exams, vaccines, and blood draws so they can can walk away from future visits feeling confident, happy, and fear-free.

Looking for the full package? We’ve got you covered.

This comprehensive program is designed to give you everything you need to prevent or work through that all too common fear of the vet office. With a customized training plan, training tools, group class, and ongoing training sessions, we’ll get your dog on the path to feeling happy, confident, and excited for their future visits.

A la Carte training options 

Happy Vet Visits Class

Through counter-conditioning and cooperative care, you can help prevent or reduce fear of the vet. This class will focus on building comfort with common medical equipment; getting on and off the scale; and handling for things like exams, vaccines, and blood draws so you and your dog get through future visits with comfort, confidence and ease.

$249/4-week class

Confident Canine

This class uses fun games and exercises that will help your nervous dog gain confidence and overcome their fears. In this class, you will learn how you can change your dog’s emotional responses towards scary things in a safe, comfortable, low-stress way and will gain the tools to prevent future fears from developing in the first place.

$249/6-week classs

Private Training

Private training is a great way to get one-on-one training and support to prevent or work through your dog’s fear of the vet in sessions that are focused solely on them and their individual needs.

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