What is enrichment?

We know a lot more than we used to about our canine companions mental abilities. They are active, smart, and social beings. We know that we need enrichment or we can become more depressed, anxious, or moody, but there is ever growing research that says our animals are in the same boat.

Enrichment can be many things, essentially anything that stimulators natural behavior, but more over should be free from fear and pain. Enrichment comes in many forms: tactile, social problem solving, auditory (radio), agility, feeding toys, new toys, scavenger hunts for food, ripping paper up, and etc.

For some dogs a walk is too scary, tailor the experience to your particular dog, they don’t all have to like going to ta party, we don’t all like that. Enrichment should build confidence by being at a level your dog is successful, we don’t start math in calculus, start where they are winning, and build from there. Like everything else in life, enjoy the process, sometimes it’s a mess to clean up, but that smile makes it worth your effort!

Share you enrichment ideas with us, we are always interested in learning new ways to give our dogs a better life!


by | Apr 11, 2019


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