Dana Shove, CPDT-KA
Dana Shove, CPDT-KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Prefered pronouns: She/her
About Me
Dana is a highly skilled and passionate Certified Professional Dog Trainer with a dual major in Biology and Psychology. Dana’s passion for behavior started early on in her college career when she had an opportunity to take an animal training and behavior class, where she worked with a guard llama and several sheep. After graduating college, Dana started working at an animal shelter, where she worked with a wide range of animals, including dogs, cats, domesticated animals like guinea pigs and pigs, as well as wildlife and exotic animals like a Burmese python, iguana, Russian tortoise, and cockatoos. 

Dana then moved on to work with larger exotic animals, continuing their training and presenting and speaking about them in front of audiences. Some of the animals she worked with include a mountain lion, alligator, porcupine, donkey, skunk, opossums, and a kookaburra. From there, our Director of Training scooped her right up and launched her into an amazing career in professional dog training. Since then, Dana has quickly become one of our core group class trainers, navigating every situation with every client with an extremely high level of kindness, effectiveness, and professionalism.

Dana has a strong interest in working with fearful dogs, puppies, and using cooperative care techniques and consent training. She finds it rewarding and fun to help animals build confidence and enjoy the activities they do together. Having had a nervous dog while growing up, Dana understands the importance of helping dogs overcome their fears and realize that the world doesn't have to be scary. She is also passionate about working with cats and building stronger relationships between cats and dogs or even between cats and their guardians. Along with her passion for dogs, Dana believes that cats can do just as much as dogs and aims to help others understand their unique way of communicating.

In her free time, Dana loves spending time with her cat, whether they're hanging out together with a blanket, working on her skills, or going on outdoor adventures. She also enjoys disc golfing, hiking (preferably in a hammock on hot days), camping, and playing games with friends.